Product Code: Miscellaneous
BP29 Small Black Platter & Lid COM3524 x 25
BP291 Medium Black Plastter & Lid COM4630 x 25
CC38 Long Feather Duster
CC390 Cotton Buds 1 x 800
CC391 Cotton Wool Pads 12 x 80
CM38 Black Rubber Ind Glove x 1Pr
CM48 Bottle Pump Dispenser (5L)
CM570 Modular Bulk Soap Dispenser
DOL362 Small Black Platter x 100(DSPVS-B)
DOL363 Small Clear Platter Lid x 100(DSPVSL)
HP04 15g White/Gold Ind.Soap x 500
HP05 Shampoo Bottles W/Gold x 100
HP06 Bath/Shower Gel bottles W/Gold x 100
NP791 Robinsons Lemon S/ Free 2 x 1.75L
PC34 PH7 Cup Holder
PH180 Blue Assorted Plasters x 100
PH181 Burn Free Pain Relieving Gel x 118ml
PH182 First Aid Catering Kit – HSE 10 Person
PH183 First Aid BURNS KIT – 10 Person
PH184 Hygiwipe Alcohol Free Wipes x 100
PH28 Cocktail Sticks x 1000
PH29 Ind.Quill Toothpick x 1000
PH30 Buffet Skewers x 1000
PH301 Buffet Skewers x 250
TR32 Mini Jumbo T/Roll Dispenser
TR33 Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser
TR35 Centre Feed Dispenser
TR41 C Fold Towel Dispenser
TR42 Bulk Pack T/T Dispenser
WS1 12″ Wooden Skewer x 100
WS11 12″ Wooden Skewer x 200
WS12 7″ Wooden Skewers x 200
WS2 Wooden Stirrers 7″ 10 x 1000
ZZ002 Colour Coded Day Dot Labels
ZZ0123 Black Protective Chukka Boot SIZE
ZZ0124 Safety Chukka SHOE Size
ZZ03 Griddle Scraper
ZZ031 Griddlemaster Griddle Block
ZZ032 Griddle Stone Holder
ZZ051 Chopping Board   18″x12″x1/2″
ZZ052 Heavy Duty Chopping Board Rack
ZZ053 A4 Laser Labelsx 9 5×1000
ZZ054 Chopping Board Chart
ZZ06 Fridge/Freezer Thermometers
ZZ061 57 x 57 THERMAL Till Rolls x 20
ZZ062 A Grade Till Rolls x 40
ZZ0621 80 x 80 Thermal Epos Rolls x 20
ZZ0622 57mm x 55mm Thermal Till Rolls x 20
ZZ063 57×50 Cardnet Thermal Roll x 20
ZZ071 57mm x 57mm Till Rolls x 20
ZZ073 Prepped Food Labels x 500
ZZ0731 Suitable for Vegetarian Labels x 1000
ZZ076 Muslin Roll x 100m
ZZ18 300 Watt Halogen Bulb
ZZ56 44×80 Casio Till Rolls x 20
ZZ561 44 x 70 Till Rolls x 20
ZZ563 Credit Card M/C Themal Rolls 57×40 x 20
ZZ65 Low Cost Digital Food Probe
ZZ650 Thermapen 5 Pocket Thermometer
ZZ66 Hygiplas Dial Thermometer
ZZ67 Hygiplas Easy Temp Food Probe
ZZ93 Black Plastic Dustbin
ZZ95 Kisag Cream Whipper Bulbs x 50
ZZ950 ISI Cream Whipper Bulbs x 10
ZZ951 ISI Cream Whipper Bulbs x 50
ZZ982 Posterman 6mm Board Pens x 5
ZZ983 Posterman 15mm Board Pens x 5
CC171 Sponge Cloths x 10
CC27 Toilet Brush Set
CC39 Cotton Wool Balls 12 X 100
NP063 Mini Pack Biscuits x 100(Crawfords)
NP13 Margetts Strawberry Jam Portions x 100
NP14 Margetts Assorted Jam Portions x 100
NP16 Bovril Granules x 450g
NP41 Cranberry juice 6 x 1L
NP410 Pineapple Juice 12 x 1L
NP411 Grapefruit Juice 12 x 1L
NP412 Apple Juice 12 x 1 Litre
NP44 Kitchen Rolls x 24 (splash)
NP680 Bottled Mineral Water x 19.2 Litres
NP69 Fairy Wash up liquid 10x1L
NP78 Robinsons Orange S/ Free 2 x 1.75L
NP781 Robinsons Orange/Pineapple x 1.75ltr
NP79 Robinsons Bla/App Sugar Free 2 x 1.75ltr
NP81 Princess Orange 24x200ml
NP82 Radnor Still Mineral Water24x500ml
NP821 Hadrians Sparkling Water 24x500ml
ZZ0122 Trenwax Spray Oil x 500ml
ZZ270 Lotus Wrapped Biscuits x 300
ZZ94 12oz Clear Sauce Bottle x 1
ZZ941 24oz Sauce Bottle x 1
BP051 43cm Medium Smooth Platters x 100
BP26 Remmerco Clear Lids for 32oz Bowl x 300
BP31 Remmerco 12oz Black Bowl 92012 x 500
CC181 Vilida Griddle Pads x 10
CC182 Vilida Griddle Pad Handle x 1
CC42 Henry Hoover Bags x 10
CP022 Colpac Large Kraft Carry Box (CP1) x 125
CP125 Colpac Large Fast Food Box FC3 x 250
CP17 Colpac Std Chip Scoop x 1000
CP18 Colpac Std Clamshell Box x 250
CP22 Newsprint Chip Cones x 1000
GC1422 Puly Caf Cleaning Tablets x 100
GC171 6 Cup Caffitierre Spare Glass
GC61 Supremo Coffee Beans 6 x 1 Kilo
GS09 7.5oz Polycarb.Tumbler x 100
GW01 8oz Hiball Tumblers x 48
GW02 8oz Paris Goblets x 12
GW020 6 2/3oz Paris Goblet x 12
GW04 12oz Casablanca Beverage x 24
GW040 12oz Saxon Wine Glass x 48
GW05 6oz HiBall Tumbler x 48
GW050 175ml.Fiore Wine Glasses x 12
GW06 10oz Hiball Glasses x 12
GW061 10oz Hiball Tumbler x 48
GW07 10oz HiBall Tumbler CE x 48
GW071 16oz Hi Ball Glass x 48
GW08 23oz Nonic Plain x 48
GW081 12 oz Nonic L/G/S/ Glasses x 48
GW09 20oz Nonic L/G/S Glass x 48
GW091 20 G/S Tulip Glasses x 48
GW092 20oz Senator CE Nucleated x 24
GW093 10oz Senator CE Nucleated x 12
GW10 10oz G/S Conical Glasses x 48
GW11 20oz Conical Glasses G/S x 48
GW12 8.75oz Ypsillon Martini Cocktail x 6
GW123 6 2/3 Paris Goblet G/S x 72
GW13 Maldive Stemmed Beer GlassesArtisan
GW14 11.5oz Islande Hiball Glasses x 48
GW15 6oz Lyric Wine Glass x 48
GW24 10oz Lyric wine Glasses x 48
GW27 12oz Nonic Glasses x 48
GW28 10oz Side Hiball x 12
GW280 25ml./50ml Pearl Optic
GW29 10oz CE Tulip Beer Glasses x 48
GW30 12oz Tulip Glasses x 72
GW31 12oz Hiball Tumblers x 48
GW311 12oz Hiball Glass L/G/S x 48
GW32 10oz Nonic G/S Glasses x 48
GW320 6oz Perception Champagne Flute x 12
GW321 5.6oz Duralex Glasses x 6 (St.Lukes)
GW33 175ml.Imperial Wine Glass x 12
GW330 260ml. Imperial Wine Glass x 48
GW34 175ml.8oz Saxon Wine Glass x 48
GW35 9oz 260ml.Saxon Wine Glass x 48
GW350 250ml Imp.L/G/S Wine x 12
GW36 20oz Premier Glass G/S x 48
GW360 13oz Prime Time Wine Glasses x 24
GW37 Medium Tapor with Polycork
GW371 8oz Banquet Glasses x 12
GW38 12oz Pilsner Glass x 24
GW39 20oz San Reusaable Tumbler x 100
GW40 7.5oz San Reusable Tumbler x 100
GW41 10oz Reusable Tumbler x 100
GW42 10oz Inverness Hiball x 12
GW421 35ml Cloured Shot Tumbler x 24
GW43 Glass Renovate x 2.5k
GW44 175ml.Imperial Wine Glass x 12
GW45 125ml.Imperial Wine Glass x 12
GW46 175ml.Saxon Wine Glass x 48 L/G/S
GW47 Libbey 9oz Gibraltar Rocks x 12
GW470 12oz Gibraltar x 36
GW48 Inverness 9oz Rocks x 12
GW49 Libbey 12oz Beverage x 36
GW50 Premier 10oz GS x 48
GW51 Tapor with Polycork Medium Flow x 12
GW52 1oz Boston Shot Glasses x 12
GW521 2oz Boston Shot glass x 12
GW53 9oz Brandy x 12
GW54 Saxon 175ml. Wine Glass x 48
GW55 Perception 14oz Lined @ 175ml. Wine x 24
GW56 Boston Shaker Glass
GW57 9.25oz Old Fashioned Tiumbler x 24
GW58 S/S Spirit Measures
GW59 20oz G/S Guiness Glass x 24
GW60 Boston Shaker Can
GW61 1 Pint Stella Artois Glass x 48
GW62 Small Glass Ashtrays x 24
GW63 20oz Nonic Nucleated G/S x 48
GW64 13oz Cooler Beverage x 48 (Nonnas)
GW65 6″ Stackable Glass Ashtrays x 24
GW66 1.75oz Sherry Glass x 12
GW67 2.25oz Paris Port Glass x 24
GW68 8oz Perception Wine Glasses x 24 CF651
GW69 11oz Perception Wine Glasses x 24 T261
GW70 11oz Maldive Wine Glass x12
GW71 8.8oz Maldive Wine Glass x 12
GW72 23oz Conical Lined @ 20oz x 24
GW73 12oz Conical Lined @ 10oz x 12
GW74 Cin Cin Tall Beer Glasses x 24
GW75 Lyric 6.5oz Wine Glasses x 48
GW76 20oz G/S Remedy P/Carb Glass x 24
GW77 10oz Crystal Hiball Glass x 100(G/S)
GW771 12oz SAN Hiball Glasses x 144
GW78 10oz G/S Remedy P/Carb Glassx 36
GW79 9oz Remedy Polycarb Glass x 36
GW80 10oz Lyric Wine Glasses x 6
GW81 11oz Ypsillon Hiball x 24
GW82 15.8oz Signum Wine Glasses x 6
GW83 26.5oz Signum Wine Glasses x 6
GW84 24oz Edition Burgundy Wine Glasses x 6
GW85 10oz Favorit Hi Ball Glass x 6
GW86 15oz Imperial Plus Wine Glass x 24
GW87 8oz Imperial Plus Wine Glass x 24
GW88 20oz Brittania Tankard x 24
GW89 10oz Brittania Tankard x 36
GW90 10oz Tall Slim Hiball Glasses x 48
GW91 Elite 10oz Polycarbonate Hiball x 48 110-1cl
GW911 20oz Premium Pint Polycarbonate Glass x 48
GW92 Centra 10oz Highball Tall & Slim x 6
GW93 25ml Econ Polycarbonate Shot Glass x 100
GW94 340ml Imperial Wine Glass x 24
GW95 10oz Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Hi Ball Glasses x 36
GW951 7oz Elite Remedy Rocks Ploycarbonate Glasses x 36
GW952 Elite Nonic Polycarb Pint Glasses CE x 100
GW953 4 Pint CE Polycarbonte Jugs x 4
LP161 P100 1oz Trans Souffle Cup x 5000
LP193 8oz Clear Glacier Cup x 1000
LP221 Plastic Bomb Shot Glasses 20 x 50
LP281 H.P.2 White Hinged Box x 500
LP890 10″ All Colour Pizza Box
LP924 38oz Sapphire Bowl x 300(C180-1140)
LP991 650ml Salad Box x250
MS05 Milk Shake Glasses
MS8 S/S Dinkum Mixing Bowl
N461 16″3Ply Beaujolais Napkins x 1000
NP021 Ass Cheese Portions x
NP093 Pepsi Cola Cans 24x330ml
NP094 Pepsi Max Cans 24×330
NP095 Tango Citrus Lemon Cans 24x330ml
NP141 Marmalade Portions x 100
NP222 Cadbury Shortcake Biscs x 36
NP60 Radox Pump Soap x l
PB256 39″ Blue Refuse Sacks x 200
PB831 Lily’s High Tensile Print Carrier x 1000
PB999 5″ x 7.5″ Self Seal Bag x 1000
PC772 16oz Insulair Cups x 600
PC821 10.5oz Bio.Degrad Bowl (BL021) x 500
PC855 8oz Dispo Ripple cup x 500
PH42 Cloverall Boiler Suits x 25
TC41 36″ Lilac Paper Table Covers x 25
V911 Nescafe Gold Blend Refill x 300g
V96 Flavia Trad Tea x200
V97 Flavia Choc x 200
V996 1×6 Cafemate Bottles
V997 1×6 Bottles Sugar
WC1 Water Cooler Rental
WC2 Water Cup Dispenser for Cooler
ZZ0120 Glass Hire x1
ZZ0121 Panasonic AA Bateries x 4
ZZ020 Topaz Mugs (St.Lukes)
ZZ021 6Cup Glass Inserts
ZZ0633 57 x 40 Thermal Card Machine Rolls x 20
ZZ081 Glass Water Jugs x 2pt.
ZZ083 Glass Water Jug x 1L
ZZ084 Glass Sugar Pourers
ZZ090 24″ Magnetic Knife Rack x 1
ZZ1000 9″ Churchill Plates x 12
ZZ140 4oz Espresso Cups (Showroom)
ZZ141 10oz Cappuccino Cup
ZZ1411 Cappuccino Saucer
ZZ142 Milk Jug (Showroom)
ZZ143 Nova Stacking Cup(Showroom)
ZZ144 Nova Stacking Saucer(S/Room)
ZZ145 7/8″White Pot Plate x1
ZZ146 23oz Dudson Teapot(Showroom)
ZZ17 10″ Spiral Plates
ZZ170 8″ Spiral Plates
ZZ171 7″ Spiral Pot Plates
ZZ172 Spiral Pot Soup/Cereal Bowl
ZZ173 Spiral Pot Cup
ZZ174 Spiral Pot Saucer
ZZ175 10oz Spiral Pot Mug
ZZ181 35 Watt Halogen Bulbs
ZZ182 40 Watt Candle Bulbs x 10
ZZ651 Temperature Log Book x 1
ZZ82 Polycarboate Side Plate x 12
ZZ910 Stewart Water Jug 2.2L
ZZ911 7oz Polycarbonate Tumbler x144
ZZ92 8oz Shatterproof Glasses x 100
ZZ921 T10 10oz Tumbler x 1000
ZZ999 Cooks Matches x12
M1 Cafe Maid Mini Pots x 120
M10 Coffee Compliment x 120
M2 Millac Maid Mini Pots x 120
M21 Millac Half Fat Mini Pots x 120
HP01 Green/Gold Shampoo Sach.x 500
HP02 Bath/Shower Gel Sachets x 500
HP03 15gGreen/Gold Wrapped Soapx500
HP090 Taylors of London Nat Hand Wash x 5Ltr
HP11 Elsyl Shampoo Bottle 40ml x 200
HP12 Elsyl Bath/Shower Gel Bottles 40ml x 200
HP13 Elsyl Conditioner Bottle 40ml x 200
HP14 Elsyl Shower Cap on Card x 500
HP15 Elsyl 30g Soap in Cellowrap with band x 250
HP16 Taylors of London Naturals 25gm Wrapped Soap x 500
HP17 Taylors of London Naturals Boxed Shower Cap x 500
HP18 Taylors of London Naturals Shampoo x 500
HP19 Taylors of London Naturals Bath/Shower Gel x 500
HP20 Taylors of London Naturals Hand/Body Lotion x 500
CP13 Farmyard Meal Boxes x 250
X03 13″2Ply Xmas Holly Napkins x 100
X06 16″ 2Ply Christmas Napkinsx 250
X062 90cm Ducks Back Xmas Garland T/C x 10
X07 16″3Ply Christmas Napkin x 250
X09 36″ Xmas Paper TableCover x 25
X10 90cm Xmas Holly Silk T/Cover x 1
X11 90cm Silk Xmas T/Cover x 100
X111 16″ 3 Ply Red Xmas Naps x 125
X113 40m Silk Xmas Banquet Roll
X12 25m Xmas Banquet Roll
X121 Snowman Kids Boxes x 250
X13 11″ Holly & Ivy   Crackers x 50
X15 11″ Gold Fleur De Lys Cracker x 50
X16 11″ Silver Fleur De Lys Cracker x 50
X172 12″ Gold/Cream Xmas Crackers x 50
X173 12″ Silver Starburst Crackers x 50
X19 Xmas Place Mats x 100
X191 9″ Assorted Balloons x 100
X192 12″ Party Balloons x 100
X20 Xmas De-Luxe Large Party Hats x 72
X21 Xmas Party Poppers x 72
X211 Xmas Blowouts x 144
X212 Xmas Foil Blowout x 72
X24 Xmas Mini Party Hats x 144
X241 Petite X-Mas Party Hat x 144
X242 X-Mas Tree Party Box x 50
X25 Coloured Streamers 18 x 50rolls
X251 Coloured Streamers 100x18Rolls
X26 Party Packs x 100
X27 16″ 3 ply Twelfth Night Green Napkins x 600
X271 16″ 3 ply Twelfth Night Red Napkins x 600
X272 14″ Gold Luxury Crackers x 25
X29 Holographic Party Hat x 50
X30 16″ 3Ply Green Xmas Napkin x 1000
X31 16″ 2 ply Xmas Green Napkins x 2000
X33 13″2Ply Snowflake Napkins x 2000
X34 16″2Ply Snowflake Napkin x 2000
X341 16″ 3Ply Snowflake Xmas Napkins x 1000
X342 16″3Ply Christmas Napkins x 1000
X35 13″2Ply Red Fest/Cheer 20×100
X36 13″2Ply Green Fest/Cheer 20×100
X37 16″3Ply Festive Tree Green x 600
X38 16″3Ply Festive Tree Red x 600
X39 36″Xmas SilkT/C Red Fest.Cheer x 25
X40 36″Xmas SilkT/C Gr. Fest.Cheer x 25
X401 36″Xmas Silk T/C Holly Swirl x 25
X41 10″ Bauble Tree Cracker x 100
X42 10″ Cream Tree Star Cracker x 50
X43 12″ Red/Green Xmas Cracker x 50
X431 12″ Christmas Star Blue Crackers x 50
X44 11″ Snowflake Crackers x 100
X45 12″ New Seasons Cracker x 50
WS5 Wooden Forks x 2000
WS6 Wooden Knives x 2000
WS7 Wooden Dessert Spoons x 2000